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 Daniel Locas

Daniel Locas, the founder of S.O.S. ÉLITE Inc., is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from Kiné-Concept. Mr Locas is a member of the FQM since 1989. After being a massage therapist for Nautilus, a Quebec chain gym, he decided to become an independent self-employed worker. However, 3 years was enough to realize the disadvantages of working alone without a team: lack of visibility and credibility when working from home, limitation of payment methods, high advertising cost, etc. At this particular time he had the genius idea of partnering with other massage therapists to enable massage experts to offer the local population more services under one business while reducing the operating costs, and therefore reducing the prices for their clients. This is how the concept of S.O.S. Elite was born.

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Founded in 1997 by Daniel Locas, S.O.S. ÉLITE inc. is an innovative concept in the field of massage therapy. This concept is specifically designed to allow you to get an appointment the same day (within 24 hours). The system is set to support last minute openings in the massage therapists' schedule which can be offered to you as an appointment in the hours that follow your call. This is not a massage therapy centre with a limited number of places, but rather an unlimited number of service points established in private residences. It is not an association but a service company, made up of carefully selected, graduates and certified professionals, self-employed with at least 10 years of experience, all under the banner of S.O.S. ÉLITE inc. The company's mission is to make massage therapy accessible to everyone. To achieve this, four strategies are put forward.

-Economy : S.O.S Elite grants you a discount on your next massage. This discount is calculated according to the number of massages performed (since your last visit) to clients you referred ($ 5 / massage).

-Availability : We guarantee that a massage therapist will serve you within 24 hours of your call. If that doesn't happen, a Swedish massage will be arranged for you at your home, without you having to pay the expenses of displacement. (Applies on a limited territory).

-Accessibility : Increased accessibility through a 24-hour service and a single phone number, easy to remember, consisting of the letters forming the name of the company S.O.S. ÉLITE. (Appointment only).

-Quality : We guarantee our quality of services offered. The professionals of S.O.S.Elite are all certified graduates, and have been rigorously selected from those therapists who have more than ten years of experience. This is done in order to assure you receive quality service. Each workplace has been inspected and every massage therapist is periodically checked.

Are you a certified massage therapist with over 10 years of experience? Join our team today!

Our services also includes info flyers, gift certificates and credit card payment.

Please note that a fix operating cost of 5$ per massage will be charged and any fee attached to the credit card process.

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